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KND - Benedict - rage by Fightlikeariver KND - Benedict - rage :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 3 0 KND - Father - Metahuman by Fightlikeariver KND - Father - Metahuman :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 3 1 Father vs Batman by Fightlikeariver Father vs Batman :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 4 3 KND - Father goes to adult prison by Fightlikeariver KND - Father goes to adult prison :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 5 0 KND - Numbuh 1 by Fightlikeariver KND - Numbuh 1 :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 2 0 KND - Uno Family Get-Together by Fightlikeariver KND - Uno Family Get-Together :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 3 0 KND - Father - Washing the dishes by Fightlikeariver KND - Father - Washing the dishes :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 4 0
Revisitng Nuka in TLK2
How the characterization of Nuka is more than problematic, it's a fucking trainwreck and I'll explain why.
We expect the villains to be evil and ugly, (YMMV) like Scar, and Zira. They're threatening, and so the audience identifies with them or at least likes them. Whatever cowardice Scar has, his classiness and usually interesting personality makes that cowardice amusing, but not utterly pathetic.
Nuka is blessed with ugliness, dirtiness, being termite-infested, scrawniness, sickliness, annoyingness, histrionics, and villainous queer coding.
With all these excellent advantages, before Nuka even DOES anything evil, the audience is primed to conclude that Nuka isn't even in the running to be king. The audience therefore nurtures contempt or dismissiveness for him because he's just so obviously lacking next to the muscular, well-built, disease-free Kovu, and contempt for him even thinking that he could be king.
Then we find out that Nuka wants to win the approval of his mom. Oh, great, so
:iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 1 2
KND - Father is a big kid by Fightlikeariver KND - Father is a big kid :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 0 3 KND - Benedict - binge by Fightlikeariver KND - Benedict - binge :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 1 0 Fire Lord Ozai vs. Benedict/Father 2 by Fightlikeariver Fire Lord Ozai vs. Benedict/Father 2 :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 2 3 Fire Lord Ozai vs. Benedict/Father 1 by Fightlikeariver Fire Lord Ozai vs. Benedict/Father 1 :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 2 5 Prince Zuko vs. Benedict/Father by Fightlikeariver Prince Zuko vs. Benedict/Father :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 6 7 KND - Rise of a Supervillain 3 END by Fightlikeariver KND - Rise of a Supervillain 3 END :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 3 3 KND - Rise of a Supervillain 2 by Fightlikeariver KND - Rise of a Supervillain 2 :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 1 3 KND - Rise of a Supervillain 1 by Fightlikeariver KND - Rise of a Supervillain 1 :iconfightlikeariver:Fightlikeariver 2 3


Father vs Batman
Made with DeviantArt muro

Kids Next Door is Tom Warburton's.
Batman is DC's.

A dark, mysterious, earnest voice cut through the darkness of the giant carpeted room.

"Benedict Wigglestein, I am here to turn you over to the police for intent to damage property, destruction of private and public property, kidnapping, child abuse, and attempted murder. You will be evaluated by a criminal psychologist to determine whether you will be institutionalized in Blackgate Prison or Arkham Asylum."

Benedict slurped his ice cream.

"What a shame. And here I was gonna party down at the discotheque after reading my Delightful Children a bedtime story..their reward for ALMOST destroying the KIDS NEXT DOOR!! I'm learning the BENEFITS of positive REINFORCEMENT. Tryin' something new for a change."

"...I'll call it in advance. Arkham Asylum," responded the dark voice.

"Asylum's for crazy people, right?? I DON'T think I'm CRAZY..HEY! Let me finish my ICE CREAM, and I'll go with you."

The dark voice was confused.

"'re just giving up? You don't want to fight..." He didn't know the criminal well--or even at all, but knowing a criminal's name was important. It gave him leverage. So he used it. "Benedict?"

"What I WANT is to finish my ICE CREAM. Sheesh!!" Benedict's eyes narrowed. "And that's FATHER to you."

"....You're not my father, Benedict."

"Isn't it some kinda RULE that you call a supervillain by their SUPERvillain name?" Father started to sound a little annoyed. "I don't like to repeat myself. EVERYONE, rotten brats and supervillains, calls me FATHER."

"...I am sorry. I can't call you by that, Wigglestein." The dark voice responded, and took on a stern tone. "Arrogance. That's what drives you to take that name."

"Arrogance is unEARNED pride, my fellow adult." No more slurping. The dark voice had hit some kind of nerve. Good. If I can get him angry, the dark voice thought, the more mistakes he's bound to make.

"And you've earned that pride how exactly?" asked the dark voice dryly.

Suddenly all the candles in the room lit at once, revealing the dark voice as the one and only Batman.

"Ooh, what a scary costume!!" Father laughed. "You going out Trick-or-Treating or somethin'?"

Batman realized now he was getting taunted, so he kept his cool, and formulated a dry retort.

"Actually, the costume is for intimidation. But it's not the costume as much as what it symbolizes."

"And what does it symbolize?" Father continued to laugh.

"Justice. Now you'd better finish your ice cream quickly, Benedict."

"What, are we on a time limit? You have a pre-K dance to get to?"

"I am kind of busy." Batman cracked his knuckles. "It's obvious you're intentionally delaying finishing the ice cream as a diversionary tactic, Benedict. I don't have any choice but to end your snack break." Batman with his huge muscles and lantern jaw started running at Father. Father put down his ice cream, and then set himself, and all the entrances/exits in the room on fire. Batman was surprised.

"A metahuman..." Batman observed as he dodged the flying flames. He hadn't planned for having to fight a metahuman and hadn't brought his fire-retardant cape. This time, he had only brought some Batarangs and his Utility Belt, but no fire extinguisher.

"Did you think I'd let an overgrown Trick-or-TREATer take me ANYWHERE, let alone to adult jail? I see that the adult world's too BIG for YOU, Bat-Kid...I think you'll find a PLAYPEN a little less daunting!!" He formed several streams of fire and placed them around Batman in a cage of fire. Batman was stunned. Batman realized that he had, for the time, been bested. He didn't realize the meta-human was playing mind-games. He just didn't seem to be the type. The psychological profile of "Father" was of a mastermind and one who had a quick temper, but his childish behavior threw him off. He was no Joker or even Riddler--but Batman didn't expect that level of unpredictability from the so-called Father. He flared up and cooled down seemingly at random. And the fire...he had had many metahumans for opponents, but none so erratic as this one. Still, that never stopped him before, and  Batman's keen mind started working methodically to figure a way out of the cage of fire.
KND - Father goes to adult prison
Made with DeviantArt muro

Kids Next Door is Tom Warburton's.

Adult prison is only shown once in KND, and the only supervillain to be incarcerated there in canon is Count Spankulot. (for wrongful spanking) Which made me realize the KND are much more equipped to subdue and contain Father than the adults, as the KND know his weaknesses to ice cream and broccoli. Whereas adult police don't know that and are likely to underestimate him. So, I drew a picture of Father in adult prison.

Description of adult prison: high, narrow cell, no restraints used, one barred window, wooden bench, stone walls and floor, bucket in corner, one green light by door, rather archaic-looking.
KND - Numbuh 1
Made with DeviantArt muro

Kids Next Door is Tom Warburton's.

Numbuh 1 holding his laser from the episode Operation: S.P.A.N.K.


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Hi there! I'm a person who just needs to tell a story, no matter how rough or anatomically incorrect. -_^
In FMA Brotherhood, Wrath trembles in rage at the sound of a child's crying. Whining usually goes along with the term 'spoiled brat'. To whine is to immediately associate oneself with entitlement, implying one gets everything one wants, all the time, and never has to struggle or face adversity: everything is always easy for them. The most common character with this trait are evil princes and kings..or Chosen Ones, those who've been told by ancient prophecy that they are the only one who can save the universe.

Kids Next Door subverts this. Whining as rebellion:  Numbuh 1 doesn't have a special destiny--yeah, he's a little bossy sometimes, but sometimes he whines and complains. It's part of being a kid---and to whine and complain is better than being a delightful child.

Whining as a tactic: Numbuh T, Tommy, is an expert at this, and can use this tactic to even be considered for membership in the Kids Next Door.

Whining as a natural part of one's voice, but not indicating that they had an easy childhood or even have an easy life: Father disguises his voice because his human voice has a natural whine to it. Puberty was not kind to him, and his voice is high up in his nose and won't come down. Benedict's whining isn't spoiled or entitled, just reveals a very sad, pitiable kid---whining to Monty to wait for him (and not climb the tree so fast and leave him behind), whining for Monty to put the book back so they can leave  (and get back to work so they don't get in trouble), whining about the possibility of Grandfather finding them, and whining that they have no chance against Grandfather--none of these instances have anything to do with being spoiled or entitled.. His little meek "" and "sorry..." when he climbs up the slide back out of the tree really solidifies his characterization as a really sad kid who's like a kicked puppy. As an adult, he's still sad and pitiable under the shadows--when not being evil, he's fearful and very reluctant to do the right thing for fear of reprisal from Grandfather. Benedict also is the unlikely inheritor of Grandfather's evil. Grandfather wanted Monty to turn evil. So yeah--no one told Benedict that he had a special destiny, lol. Therefore,  Benedict's whining has nothing to do with being spoiled.

One more note about brat. It seems to be an unspoken honor in KND for a kid to be called a brat by an adult: that means the adult  acknowledges the kid as rebellious. It's noteworthy that Grandfather calls Monty a brat when he tricks him into entering a Decommissioning Chamber. In this context, brat has nothing to do with not having to struggle for anything. Rather it indicates that one is struggling.

Your favorite TV/Movie Joker? 

3 deviants said DCAU
2 deviants said 1989 Batman
1 deviant said The Dark Knight
1 deviant said Batman: Brave and the Bold
1 deviant said The Killing Joke
No deviants said 1966 Batman
No deviants said The Batman
No deviants said Under the Red Hood
No deviants said The Dark Knight Returns
No deviants said Assault on Arkham



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